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Available Custom Features


The frame consists of reclaimed rough-cut cedar which has been burnt and sealed with an all natural beeswax, coconut oil, and lemon essential oil blend. Being as it is rough-cut cedar, it contains natural bows, is not entirely level and maintains its imperfections. 

The stonework is mortared in place alongside driftwood and is intended to mimic a stream which flows into a whirlpool. Several varieties of air plants and moss have been placed throughout the piece. 




L: 3’

H: 13-3/4”

W: 4”



66 Lbs.



Stone, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC.jpeg
Masonry, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC.jpe
Stonemason, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC.
Stone Art, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC.j
Stonework, Lennox Masonry, Victoria BC.j

To commission a custom made piece, please contact Sean Lennox at

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