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17th Century stone windows restored by StoneCast in Victoria BC

17th-Century Limestone Architecture

In 2017, StoneCast rebuilt and restored remnants of a 17th-Century Gothic Cathedral which was original to Italy but had been deconstructed and shipped to Victoria, BC. The limestone windows and doorways became garden features at the Norfolk Heritage Lodge, or Oldfield Estate, in Saanich, BC. 

Duncan, BC City Hall Restoration

In 2024, StoneCast was responsible for restoring and lime-washing the sandstone belts, sills, arches, stairways and the clock tower at the city hall in Duncan, BC. This project entailed repointing the original stonework from 1913 with traditional lime-based mortars and a traditional lime-wash to help prevent the sandstone from eroding any further. 

Duncan City Hall stone restoration by StoneCast of Victoria BC
Stone Pillar Restoration by StoneCast Masonry Restorations in Victoria BC

Heritage Stone Pillars (Samuel Maclure)

In 2023, StoneCast completed the restoration and rebuild of two heritage stone pillars which were original to a home built by Samuel Maclure in Oak Bay, BC and marked the entrance of the home's driveway. Over the decades we have worked on numerous heritage homes built by the famous architect, restoring the original chimneys and stone walls. 

Heritage Chimneys

Over the decades, we have repointed, rebuilt, and restored numerous heritage chimneys throughout Victoria, BC. Heritage chimneys are eligible for grants through the City of Victoria which allows home and business owners to subsidize nearly 50% of the costs associated with restoring the chimney to its former self. Both regular chimney codes and heritage restoration codes apply to heritage-designated chimneys which we strictly adhere to. 

Matching the original mortar and brick is a very involved process and one that StoneCast excels at after years of expertise in this precise field. We sample and test the original mortar and then replicate every aspect of it to meet heritage masonry code requirements. We also source the closest match currently available to the original bricks, both in colour, shape, texture, and softness. 

In order to meet the requirements of the heritage chimney restoration grant, the chimney must be rebuilt or restored to its exact, original state while also adhering to updated building codes, as outlined by the City of Victoria. StoneCast will help streamline this process for your home or business by helping you understand and compile all of the necessary information in order to obtain the heritage restoration grant.  

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