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StoneCast restoring heritage stone stairs in Victoria BC

StoneCast consists of a very small team of masonry experts and conservationists who are dedicated to their craft when it comes to restoring and preserving heritage masonry structures. Founded in 2018, StoneCast is a division of Lennox Masonry Ltd. which solely focuses and specializes in restoring and maintaining aging stone and brick buildings. With over 25 years of masonry restoration experience, Sean Lennox built StoneCast with the intent to offer a full-service masonry conservation company to help preserve the history of Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island. 


For the past 25 years, Sean Lennox, with StoneCast & Lennox Masonry, has been designing, building, and restoring masonry structures for both the public and private markets throughout Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island. Sean combines old-world stonemasonry techniques with modern equipment and technology to re-create and restore heritage masonry structures.


Limestone windows being restored by StoneCast in Victoria BC
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